Hi, ๐Ÿ‘‹
I am Eduardo Mattos.

Iโ€™m a multi-disciplinary designer with 8 years of experience working in digital products and print projects for industries like healthcare, arts & culture, fashion and more.

During these, I have engaged directly with clients, end-users and internal stakeholders in both agencies and in-house teams, and also as a freelance designer.

My work focuses on Product Design (UX/UI), branding & visual identity and, typography.

Through a process of research and investigation, I strive to use design as a tool to build meaningful and engaging experiences for different media and audiences.

When not working you may find me running or cycling around, having a nice coffee or enjoying
a cold beer under the sun, taking care of my lovely plants and/or taking some photos.


Freelance Designer
2016 โ€“ Current

Mid. Weight Designer @ TUUT
2014 โ€“ 2016

Jr. Designer @ Plau
2012 โ€” 2014


Coca-Cola, Do Bem, AMBEV, HURB, Zee.Dog, Redley, & more.


On Instagram, sharing a few photos. Being very professional on LinkedIn. On Dribbble, posting (almost) Daily UI Challenge.
Or say hello@macula.cc

Letโ€™s create togetherโœŒ